Sonic Forces

Sonic has not really enjoyed the 3D world, because most of the games have not really lived up to potential over the years. Sonic Forces has wanted to do something about this, and after the success of Sonic Mania earlier this year, I began to believe that Sega would succeed. I certainly should not have done that.

Everything starts quite well with a story that could really be something. Eggman has taken over the world, and plans something really dramatic that will take place soon. One can safely say that we start as really bad. The whole well-known gang of everything from Sonic to Amy is on the losing side of the war, but obviously does not give up for that reason. They take up the fight against some kind of "greatest hits" gallery of dreams like Metal Sonic and New Infinite.

This match will constantly appear on the screen by a percentage meter showing how much of the world Eggmann controls. As soon as a mission is completed, this meter will still approach zero, and the zones on the map will go from being red to blue. This could have made the game an intense and interesting affair because two opposing armies had to fight for control, but the performance is unfortunately quite flat. It also does not help the game just three to four hours long.

With such short playing time, never the story or what could become dramatic sequences have time to breathe. When Eggmann can take over the world in a few minutes while I can save it in a few hours, I never get time to know or understand what this actually leads to.

Then this might sound odd, but the end feels a bit tedious too. I really thought the last boss stood in front of me after three and a half hours, but surely the game did not throw two similar bosses to me right afterwards too. Sega has obviously tried to build into a dramatic climax, but instead has ended just pulling the end of the boring. Nobody likes to meet on more than two fake finishes, Sega. No.

Sonic's more modern adventure has always had some problems with the dialogues. As a rule, they are just exaggerated and foolish to listen to when absolutely everyone should be "cool" and "hip" at all times. This is also the case here. You will hear "butt-kicking" in every second sentence, while all the characters do and say is as artificial as it can be. Sonic wants a sarcastic remark at all times, regardless of whether it's in a sequence where everything is lost or everything is fun and fun.

Fortunately, classic Sonic is not known to be as fond of slang remarks, nor the figure you can make yourself. In addition, we can adapt the latter to countless things, including Wispons (more on later), headgear, glasses, clothes suits, gloves, shoes, skin color and more. I really did not expect all these options so this came as a positive surprise.

Unfortunately, a quiet classic Sonic does not make him extremely difficult to control. How this is possible after the success of Sonic Mania , I can hardly understand. Maybe it's just me, but again and again I had to run back to get enough speed to get up the ramps. In addition, as he moves with the least touch of control, the game loses much of the flow such a game should preferably have.

The speed is increased considerably when playing as Sonic and his avatars (sometimes side by side). Both can perform attacks that seek the enemy, which can make the short process of a series of enemies. You can also use a slider to maintain some speed, hit the ground to go through some floors or use Wispons. The latter is a weapon that provides a special skill. This can be various attacks like electric whip and flare or things that make maneuvering easier or faster.