Stick It To The Man!

The Switch Switch Indie Library is already extensive, but Stick It to the Man may not be your first choice.

To report the Indie game Stick It to the Man in 2017 feels a little strange considering that the game first came out to PC in 2013. At the same time, we are still happy to report it here in the yard, and as the game is now available again Thanks to the new launch of Switch we look at this as a golden opportunity to look into the distinctive game from the Zoink studio. The studio is currently working with Flipping Death , another indie game that has featured in Switch presentations, and a closer look at Stick It to the Man can give us a little taste of what we can expect.

Zoink has been developed in collaboration with Ryan North, who has also written the story of the cartoon edition of Adventure Time. We are taken to a bizarre two-dimensional world where everything seems to be made of paper and stickers (at least from the player's perspective). Here we meet Ray, who is daily working to test the quality of work helmets, something he does by getting things dropped on his head. One day on my way home from work, it's pretty wrong, and Ray gets the cool of time thanks to a mysterious object falling down from heaven.

As soon as Ray wakes up after smashing his head, he discovers that he has an alien inside his head and a spaghetti-like arm hanging out of his head. The arm is not very annoying as no-one else can see it, but it brings with it a few handy qualities Ray quickly needs. The first is that he can slap his arm on the heads of other people and animals and read their thoughts. The other is that Ray can use his arm to reach areas he would not otherwise be able to access. The third feature is that Ray with his arm can tear off stickers and loose paper that he finds around the world. The stickers can then be re-attached where needed by those who need it. All the features come true when Ray eventually has to get rid of both secret agents and try to break out of a madhouse (where all the prisoners are amazingly Nurse Ratched in the classic Gjøkeredet).

The new capabilities, for example, Ray can use to read the thoughts of those he meets, find out what they are missing, and then find a matching sticker somewhere else on the board. Here you will find some creative and fun solutions, and eventually you get used to some long thoughts, where A must match B before we can move on to C, which gives us access to D. Unfortunately, the game is never very challenging and the game puts in a somewhat too difficult level of difficulty, both when it comes to the goose solution and the platform elements. Another disadvantage is that the longer the solution moves, the more trailing back and forth you can count on. Some shortcuts are happily found in the game, but it's no wonder that the game offers a lot of backtracking and not on a good Metroid: Samus Returns mode .

Stick It to the Man Wants a lot of humor. So much, in fact, the game almost lessens with desperate explanations as to why you will take the time to laugh at the jokes. Sometimes, of course, this works to a certain extent, and one will end up lumping and joking on a couple of joints along the way. For the most part, however, it is perceived as a cheap attempt on humor, where the game either struggles with the timing or simply with the style. Stick It to The Man can certainly be funny once in a while, but more often you'll be left with a goose rather than a smile. It promises bad for a game that bets heavily on a light and humorous tone.

What is most annoying with Stick It to the Man is that the control of the spaghetti arm is so sensitive that precision work becomes impossible. In cases where there are two or more people together to read your mind, the control system is so outrageous that you often have to count on reading the thoughts of the wrong person because you are wrong. It's no big job to interrupt the mindset and try again, but it's still an annoyance game could have been beyond. The same can be said about the technical errors in the game, such as the incorrect or inadequate subtitles appear or the game actually stops completely. It does not happen often, but it still ruins the overall experience.

Stick It to the Man is not a direct bad game and there will certainly be something here to pick up for some. At the same time, it is difficult to recommend the game when it has so many appeal points, especially when the harvest is as good as it already is. If you are looking for a good Indie experience for Switch, games like Golf Story and Stardew Valley will give you a much better experience at about the same price.