Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Lego games for TT Games and Traveler's Tales have always followed a certain template, and the result is a series of very similar games. Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 is the latest in the series, and the first Lego game designed from scratch for the latest consoles according to Traveler's Tales.

Among other things, the battle system has gained a slight overhaul.

We do not speak big changes, but there is a little more depth here than I expected. For example, some enemies will vary attack patterns based on how you play and special attacks play a slightly bigger role than they did before.

The villains also tolerate more this time, which means that battles can be a little more than just knappemosing - it's up to the player. As there are no proper consequences for dying, it is still possible to push for victory in the long run. You just do not get an equally visually exciting fight on the screen.

Like later Lego play, one can explore an open world between quests in the form of more traditional Lego game boards.

The game's villain, Kang The Conqueror, has picked parts of various planets from different time periods and alternative dimensions, and created a new world called Chronopolis. In other words, as Iron Man, you can fly from Manhattan to Wakanda's jungle, then take the trip to Asgard before landing on the top of the Sphinx in Giza.

Chronopolis is filled with activities of varying degrees of difficulty. To say that the game lacks a bit of challenges will not be completely wrong. It's not necessarily a bad thing, Lego games are after all meant for the younger guard.

Some of the small missions are to fall asleep, but despite this, Chronopolis is one of the game's strongest sides. Especially the pursuit of new characters, and the constant quest for collectibles falls into taste here in the yard.

The action in the game I can not exactly brag about, but Traveler's Tales has kept faith in Marvel's creative universe. At least it's been the first time for a long time that history has managed to keep my attention in a lego game. That despite the fact that the voice play has made it reasonably difficult at times.

And the history assignments usually require completing tasks before you can begin, such as helping Daredevil gather information about Kingpin's business. Like this, I would like to see more of it, and it's a bit sad that the action is still happening in single-sided boards.

Then it's extra disappointing that these boards are identical to the Lego Star Wars : The Video Game from 2005. Nearly 20 games later, I think it's high time that Traveler's Tales try something new.

It's not just how small these boards have changed which is a problem. The design itself is of extremely varying quality, and at times it is quite strange. It happens a bit too often that I get stuck in puzzles without any concrete thought about how to move on.

Not because the puzzles you encounter on the boards are challenging, purely game mechanics, it is simply not always a logical solution that is required. And when puzzles are not controlled by logic, I mean we no longer really talk about puzzles. Then it's more about fun games.

On top of this, I've experienced several times that the game hangs up and requires the board to be restarted. However, every time this has happened, it has not been obvious, which has resulted in me swirling in an attempt to solve an impossible task. Certainly a little longer than I am willing to admit.

And this is a game that targets the younger guard. These issues have been around in the series since the beginning, but when such technical slips do not matter, it's suddenly a lot more devastating, especially if the player does not even understand that the game has hung up.

The control also puts an impression on the overall experience that is not always as lucky. Most problematic is the fact that the characters are controlled differently in the history assignments in relation to Chronopolis. The basics work alike, but for example, Spider-Man can not climb walls on the boards despite the fact that he can do it in the open world.

Flying characters are also completely different in Chronopolis, the flight associated with the camera. However, within the boards, the player does not control the camera angle at all.

For Lego game veterans this should not be anything new, but it is striking that relatively obvious design bouts have not been picked up during the development of several of these games over such a long time. Another example of things that cause irritation is to find out every time you solve a puzzle.

Then the player loses control so that the game can show exactly what has been achieved. Over time, these cuts contribute to a very exciting gaming experience.

In other words, Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 is a pretty impressive sequel, but that does not mean I have not had a good time. As said, the gathering has gone high and Chronopolis has a lot of figures to be saved and gold pieces to be collected.

Traveler's Tales has made a game that does not really deserve very much praise, but still performs to make me smile on the smiley band here and there. Charming, at least - when Star Lord dances to Mr. Blue Sky as he crashes with the goats, there is no doubt about it.