Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Every year there is a ticketing between the two major players in football games, FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). This has not always been the case, as FIFA has had a head start for many years. In recent years, Konami has taken hold and improved PES in many areas. This has meant that the latter has been favored by many, and in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 they still have this progress. If you are a fan of the beautiful football game, you should definitely consider this year's edition. Here we get both new features and a new version of what was already good in last year's edition.

But how much has changed from last year? Well, there have been things that have been promoted to us in recent months, and one of these is expanded control. This will not be relevant all the time, but quick reactions from players (especially from quality players, and using R2 / RT for guides) will be very useful for those who want to dribble close to the opponent. This is of course not a sure way to sneak through the defense, but for those who want precise control it is certainly a welcome addition.

Directional shielding is also new for the year, and this is also reserved for the best players. Using the body to shield the ball is something we see repeatedly on the football field in reality, and this has they added to the year's game. This works well with strong players, and is a welcome tool if we want to keep a little extra on the ball.

What I've most noticed of improvements with PES this year is the goalkeeper game. Before, it was reasonable for the ball to sneak past the keeper if close, but Konami has put a lot of effort into doing the keeper's job to save the ball more easily. Now it's time to finish out the keeper to a greater extent than before, where we could put the ball down in the corner with minor problems last year. This allows you to resort to more creative moves before scoring, which in turn makes it feel more realistic the times you score goals.

One way to solve this and which we used very much was passes with a running motion immediately afterwards (pass with L1 / LB so that the one who sent the ball goes running forward again right away). Breakthroughs have been more effective in PES than in FIFA in recent years. If you pass the pass correctly, it should be done for the defense to stop a breakthrough done by a high breakthrough fitting in the back room. Attacking this way is extremely satisfactory and a great way to fine-tune the improved keepers.

If these possibilities are used, the shots are equally interesting and varied. None of the goals we scored resembled each other, either with regard to positioning or animations. All the goals feel unique and rewarding, and this is one of the most important in a football game. Getting through the defense with sparkling combination games and fine fines before putting the ball behind the keeper. It gave me a very kind of joy.

One thing we have a little to fault is how the tips end after low posts from the edge. In the vast majority of cases, the tips exclude these posts even though the wing has hit the ball perfectly. It makes it frustrating to get in post after a jumping run on the wing, just to see the tip bombs total on goals from a short distance.

However, it is not only shots that vary, as there are many different ways a battle can develop. For example, the island-loving rainfall of our experience. Defenders who slip on the wet grass pad and balls that stop in the water make it all a little nightmare. We have never experienced that rain has made so much in a fight before and it totally changed the way we had to play.

Defensively, it's not just any revolutionary changes. The same PES rules apply - if we hit the timing of a skating race, it's likely that we end up giving a free kick and gladly get yellow cards in the same sled as the attacker rarely skips the tackles (something that annoyed me a lot) . This means that more conservative standing tackles must be resorted to and help with team mates pressure to stop the opponent's journey towards his goal.

Although not perfect, the design of the game has also been improved. Several large profiles now have portraits attached, which gives it a greater authentic feeling. Now, for example, it feels more like replacing Jordan Henderson, rather than a bad imitation. In the struggles they could well have made some improvements. Here I miss both characters that indicate the advantage of the game and who has a yellow card beforehand.

Those who have the sense of captured moves on deadball will now have to spend some extra time on addiction. PES has changed a lot about this and made it look more like FIFA's edition. We do not release the waving arrow that shows us where the ball should go, and must rely on our instincts. Fortunately, it is possible to practice this in training mode and training matches. While this makes it harder, it requires more of us to get the perfect free kick with topscrew. Someone may dislike this change, but I really had the chance.

When it comes to game modes, it must be mentioned that the multiplayer servers are not turned on yet, so I did not test this aspect. Fortunately, there was another mode that took part of my time. Random Selection is back. For those who play FIFA, this memory can be a bit about "FUT draft". One chooses a dragon set, and then the game gives us random players based on a few criteria we set. I ended up with an Arsenal team with Lionel Messi on the team, while Gareth Bale was actually in Fulham. There is also a section where we can steal players from others while selecting which players we will protect. A perfect mode for those who want a slightly different way of playing, in other words.

Some minor errors from previous editions can also be found in this. One of these is the commentary tracks. The sentences we receive by Peter Drury and Jim Beglin feel impetuous and boring, not to mention repetitive. It will not take many hours until we have heard most of what they have to say. For a game that gives us so much new and realistic in combat situations, one becomes painfully reminded that it is a game after the commentators begin to talk. I'd honestly admit that I chose to turn off the comments as soon as possible.

Something else that's frustrating are the judges (yes, because we judges never get joking in reality: P Kiss and love, Eirik). If players collide without the initiation of a tackle, it will never be a free kick, even if it would be in reality. This is particularly noted in this year's edition, which is more physical with a battle for the ball at all times.

Visually, the PES 2018 looks absolutely beautiful, especially in view of the players. There are no huge changes from last year, but the few that are done take it to a new level. This also applies to light, sweat and the like. A few players scare me a bit if I zoom in on them during a match since the faces tend to stretch, but that does not bother me as this is not the case during normal play.

All in all, I come from Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 with more positive things than negative. They further develop the success of recent releases, and things like improved keepers, advanced dribbling and Random Selection mode will probably be well received by fans of both the series and the football game in general.