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The Best Article Spinning Tools

We continue with the topic of content marketing and article marketing . Now that SEO expert Pascal Landau has roughly explained the possibilities of Article Spinning in an interview, and the backlink build-up strategy is understandable with Article Syndication , we are now going into practice. There are various Article Spinning Tools and many other tools that call themselves that. Finding the right software is not easy.

The following is an overview of the most popular and best Article Spinning tools with their advantages and disadvantages . As there is a lot of potential left untapped here in Germany, I focus my attention on German-language programs, or those who can work with the German language. These are one of the market leaders from the USA as well as two German developments.

 The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner is the market leader for Article Spinning from the USA. With a total of seven supported languages and a support system for the development of others, the software is the largest on the market.

  • Millions of synonyms, including German
  • Nested spinning (= multi-level spinning)
  • Spinning complete sentences and paragraphs
  • Uniqueness check using Copyscape API
  • Uniqueness calculation and word counter
  • Spell Check

Article Wizard

I have already introduced the Article Wizard in an interview with its developer Pascal Landau, so I would like to focus on the most important points here:

  • German thesaurus with over 200,000 synonyms (700,000 in English)
  • Grouping of synonyms by templates
  • Multi-level spinning
  • Link and keyword injection (automatic linking)
  • Einzigartigkeitsberechnung
  • mass storage
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • HTML preview

Article Spinning Wizard 3

I found and tested the Article Spinning Wizard 3 * as part of the research for this article. After a few applications I certainly did not discover and use all functions, but the software makes a very good impression and offers compelling features for the relatively low price.

  • German-English Dictionary (expandable)
  • Multi-level spinning
  • Spell Check
  • Online Dictionary
  • Media library and article database
  • Text Analysis & Copyscape Support
  • Contextual markup (link injection)
  • Various export functions (WordPress & Email interface)
  • SEO analysis (keyword density, uniqueness check)


As so often, America is a step ahead of us Germans in terms of online marketing, offering first-class Article Spinning software. However, the prices for occasional users (and most of us are still so) are simply priceless, making German providers more attractive. In addition, the American version - although the vocabulary is very good - but I noticed a few problems with the German grammar.

Purely functional, I could not easily decide between the Article Wizard by Pascal Landau and the Article Spinning Wizard by komBAS because I could hardly find any differences in terms of content. However, the price and other customer reviews (5/5 stars) speak for the Article Spinning Wizard, as well as the long-term support and development of the software. In addition, komBAS also develops other online marketing tools such as the BacklinkingWizard * or ContentCreationWizard *.